Saturday, May 30, 2009

Learning to Enjoy Photography Again

The last few days, I have rediscovered my passion for photography. This passion has waned in the last year and a half, even though I never stopped taking pictures and lots of them. I was only doing it halfheartedly. After reading some other blogs I have been experimenting with the many settings that my camera has and here are some pictures that I took yesterday.
It is truly mind-boggling to really notice the beauty in a simple flower. A flower's only purpose in life is to bloom and then die and we often don't stop to notice the wonderful Maker's design in each individual flower... the serenity in the horse taking a rest from the hot May sun in the shade...
...another amazing example of beauty.
Even two "monkeys" in a tree look different when taken from a different angle and with a different lens.
The majesty of our nation's flag set against a magnificent blue sky.
I even captured the true "impishness" of my nephew, Preston, who is always causing or getting into trouble.
A different angle of the same flag, the same sky, but this time with some clouds and some leaves.
I love this picture of Kirsten jumping rope.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fleet Feet Trip and Shelby Farms Run

Today, we traveled to Memphis with many of our cross-country team to visit Fleet Feet to have the kids feet checked for proper running shoes.
This is the Spartans who made the trip, except for Alec who I just realized was not in the picture. He must have been hiding in the store, because I told him to get with the group.
Playing at Shelby Farms before running.
Stretching after the run.
Keeping sore muscles at bay.
Kirsten climbs high atop the monkey bars.
Alec loves to climb also.
The Spartan girls -- nice looking group.
Alec, with some new friends and some old ones too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goofy Alec, Silly Alec

I took these pictures of Alec today for his 9 year old pictures and he decided to be silly and make a goofy picture. See below...
Now, these are the regular pictures.

Playing Croquet and Climbing a Tree

Spending a hot day playing croquet in the shade. The boys especially love to play croquet. Where the game is set up is hilly on both sides, so you have to play carefully so you do not go over the side and down the hill.
Brandon is playing monkeys in the tree.
Jackson also plays in the tree.
All four boys climbing the tree.
Alec looks cute up in the tree.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Southern Strings Concert

We just got back from a concert performed by Southern Strings, a group of 25 children ranging in age from 7-17 (I am guessing). Four of our Spartan teammates are part of this group -- Sarah, Richard, Hannah, and Maggie. It was very good. They performed a group of sacred selections, some toe-tapping, hand-clapping fiddle music, some jig-dancing Celtic music, hoe-down music and even a waltz. We were very impressed. Having that many stringed instruments going at once and no noticeable mistakes is fantastic. Thank you to all the children who practice so many hours to provide excellent music for us to hear.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Today, I took the kids to Corinth to see the new movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. It was a good movie. The kids liked it better than the first, but I like the first one better. It is very entertaining and we laughed in several places.
Taking a picture with all the characters of the movie.
A picture of Rexy - the dinosaur.
Amelia Earhart's plane that she flew across the Atlantic.
A picture of Jedidiah -- one of our favorite characters.
After the movie, we went to eat at Backyard Burgers. We all love this restaurant and eat there whenever we can. Then we went to Walmart to do some quick shopping. We picked up some baseball gloves, baseballs, and a bat in hopes of learning the basics of the game. I really dislike spending the summer at the ball field, so we have never signed Kirsten and Alec up for a ball team, but I think they need to learn the rules of the game. Then we ended our trip by stopping at Dairy Queen for a blizzard and a milkshake. What a great way to spend a Saturday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fit Kids Triathlon

Yesterday and today, the Healthplex in New Albany sponsored a Fit Kids Triathlon. Our children have been going to the gym on Monday and Tuesday nights for awhile now. Mrs. Heather coached her kids into a triathlon (of sorts). Some children were at different levels, but both of our kids had to run 1 mile, do 25 of 3 different exercises, and swim 3 laps in the pool.
And they're off! Just starting a mile run, 13 laps around the track.
Alec nearing the end of his run. Kirsten was not far behind in her run.
Doing 25 pushups, something only I can dream about.
Performing 25 squats, as the other Coach Duley looks on.
Time for the superman exercises, 25 of those too.
Time for swimming.
Alec did some backstrokes for part of his swim.
Yea! I did it! I got a t-shirt and a medal.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Very Hard and Hot Tye-Dye 5K Race

This picture is of me and some of my blogging/running buddies. We all blog and almost all of us run. Liesa, you need to join the rest of us in our passion for running. I am struggling and so are a couple of others, but we strive on and we will succeed, because we have a good support group.
This picture of Kirsten was taken shortly before the beginning of the race. Alec and Brandon are patiently waiting for the race to begin.
Martha is energized for the race.
Martha, Margaret and Kirsten
The female Spartans (at least, some of them).
Olivia talking to Cale before the race. I thought this was a really cute picture.
This is Alec's second time around the course.
Kirsten gives is all she's got.
Way to go Mrs. Heather, slowly starting to train again post-injury, looking good!
Alec left it all on the track - he had nothing left! It was a really tough course.
Kirsten sprints to the finish, but barely. It was very hot and humid, and the course was muddy and narrow. It was a definite challenge to all the runners.
Brandon looking cute in his crazy hat.
Alec models his hat for us too.
Claire looks good in her hat.