Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Sermon in a Picture

My precious friends, Aaron and Susanna, sang their newborn son home to Heaven. This is the true picture of faith in God. The song they sang was called "How Sweet To Die."
"Farewell, vain world I'm going home, My Savior bids me come,
Sweet angels beckon from on high, Then, O how sweet to die.
I'm glad that I am born to die, From grief my soul shall fly
Sweet angels beckon from on high, Then, O how sweet to die.
I'll praise my Savior while I've breath, I'll praise Him after death,
I'll praise His matchless name on high, Then, O how sweet to die.
I soon shall pass this vale of death, When I shall lose my breath,
And then my happy soul shall fly, Then, O how sweet to die."
Their heartbreaking story began last Monday. Susanna delivered a very healthy baby boy named Jackson Emmett. About four hours later, he suddenly stopped breathing. Even today, they still have no medical explanation for what happened in his precious body. Six days he stayed at The Med in Memphis, while doctors did so experimental treatments on him and his tiny brain. But yesterday, they made the excruciating decision to remove the ventilator and sing him home to our merciful Heavenly Father. These two precious people, even in extreme grief, clung to His promises to never leave us or forsake us and praised God as He took their firstborn home to be with Him. The above picture should leave no on unaffected. The grief on their faces is so evident and yet they sang "How Sweet to Die." Jack's young, brief life affected me and thousands of others in ways that few sermons can do, and my life will forever be changed by the testimony of his family's faith in trial.