Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Spectacular Sight

For those of you in North Mississippi, I know it is shocking to see the sun today. For those of you not in North Mississippi, you should know that we haven't seen the sun for over two weeks. We have had some nasty weather -- lots and lots of rain. At the start of the rain, we were very thankful for it as is was extremely dry. But after a week, we started to think that we wouldn't see the sun again. After two weeks, we had forgotten what the sun looked like.

Tallahatchie Riverfest 5K

This morning we woke up early to get ready to run in New Albany. Our power went off due to a thunderstorm and did not come on before we left. We managed to get dressed and eat a little breakfast in the dark. We left a little early and drove to New Albany in a torrential downpour. The roads were getting near to a dangerous flood level and in places I was driving and praying not to hydro-plane. By the time we arrived at the race location, it was only a light sprinkle.
Our group before the race began -- wet but excited.
Alec runs a season best of 26:49 ( that's an average of 8:39/mile ). He finished 3rd in the 0-9 male division.
This is the only picture I got of Kirsten running -- she is the fuzzy green runner. People kept moving around, and I was having to dodge umbrellas, so it was difficult to get a good picture. She finished with a season best of 28:54 ( that's an average of 9:20/mile ).
Alec with his third place "trophy." It is really a piece of tile -- it was super neat.
Hannah and Catherine found some silly balloon hats after the race.
It was a very successful run for the Spartans. We had the top three female finishers -- one of which, was our fabulous coach. In the 0-9 female division, we had 4 runners finish in the top 4. In the 0-9 male division, we had 7 runners finish in the top 10. In the female 10-14 division, we had 10 runners finish in the top 20. In the male 10-14 division, we had 7 runners finish in the top 21. In the female 15-19 division, we had 3 runners in the top 10. In the male 15-19 division, we had 3 runners finish in the top 21. Way to go TEAM SPARTAN!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Muy Bueno" Meal at Mi Pueblo

After track practice we all went to Mi Pueblo to eat supper together. We took over the entire restaurant. I counted heads and came to a total of 96 people. We had let them know ahead of time that we were coming and they did a great job of feeding us and very quickly too.
Kirsten loves Mi Pueblo's food - especially the chips and salsa.
Alec and some other boys had fun in their booth.
Alec smiles for the camera.
Kirsten takes a picture with Sarah's camera.
Coach Heather told the girls if they won first place at the Saltillo meet then she would get "whip-creamed" at Mi Pueblo. She is such a good sport and everyone enjoyed watching.

Team Pictures

Kirsten, Julie and Olivia before practice.
Kirsten and Alec together. Alec is ready to run.
Kirsten is trying to get ready for the hill work they are about to run.
All the Spartans together -- that many people all still and smiling at one time -- priceless!!
Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.
Today, we took team pictures before practice. Coach wanted them to practice the 5K route for Saturday. The course has some pretty tough hills and they needed to practice them. After practice we celebrated by eating together at Mi Pueblo.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saltillo Cross-Country Meet

Today, was an interesting, challenging, but totally energizing day. It has rained every day for a week here and they are calling for rain everyday for a week more, so we are extremely soggy in the whole northeastern part of the state. But rain does not stop cross-country races.
Our junior varsity girls get ready to run a 2 mile course (notice the heavy rain coming down). The course had so much water and mud on it that it was difficult for all the runners to run. In one spot, going up a steep hill, most of the runners could not get any traction and had to use their hands to pull themselves up.
Kirsten gets close to the finish line. She is so proud of herself for not stopping because of the rain and the mud. She had a pretty good time (on the clock and after the run).
Our varsity girls really had a good showing. If we were allowed to compete for a team trophy, we would have placed first. The only way our runners can compete is as unattached runners and therefore cannot compete as a team.
Julie came in second overall -- way to go, Julie!!
Danielle finished fourth overall -- but she was one who had to pull herself up the hill using her hands, so she really ran fast to finish in 4th. We are proud of her!!!
Catherine came in 6th? I think. We have some really fast runners.
Olivia came in 7th, I believe -- Go Spartans!!
Martha pushed herself so hard and finished in 11th -- which gave us 5 in the top 11, not bad for homeschoolers. LOL!! People were actually wondering if they would have to race us at state.
Mary did well also. These girls gave all they had!!
Courtney sprinted at the end and passed one at the finish.
Emilee really pushed herself and helped her team out!!
That is a fast group of girls.
They didn't hold back at all and have the mud to prove it.
The backs of their legs is almost too much to believe.
The varsity boys did us proud also.
Zack really ran fast and passed one at the end.
Forrest hurt his leg in the first mile and kept on going -- way to go!!
Cale gave his all and passed two in the final stretch. Yeah!!
Marshall gave his best too and made his team proud.
Nicholas has really improved his time this year and is really doing well.
Some of our boys after the races.
In spite of the rain, mud, the standing water, and the fact that we were at the race from 8:00 to 12:30, we had a very good time cheering for the team. I thought that I was losing my voice from cheering so much.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Civil War Field Trip to Corinth, Mississippi

Today, my sister - Lisa, a friend - Rachel, and I took our children to Corinth to the Civil War Interpretive Center for a field trip. My children and I had gone about two years ago and had a very entertaining time, so we wanted to go back.
The children all enjoyed looking at the exhibits.
Watching a short film on the battle near Corinth really brought home a few realities of the war to the kids. They were really fascinated by all the stuff they saw and heard and read.
Outside the museum with some of the "soldiers" from the war.
A picture at the CROSSROADS -- this is really what the battle at Corinth was fought over. Both sides in the war wanted to control the railroad lines and this is where they were centered.
Time for a group picture at the train depot.
This picture is just for fun.
After the Interpretive Center we went to Back Yard Burgers to eat and then drove downtown to visit a store that makes authentic Civil War costumes. The children each picked out a "musket" to buy. Alec bought a gray Confederate soldier's hat and had already purchased a harmonica. Since arriving home, they have been playing Civil War with each other and their cousins. Alec had a gunshot in his knee, Jackson had one in his leg, Parker had one in his arm, and Kirsten was the nurse who took care of them all. Kids are so funny in the games they play.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hilarious Video!!

I found this video on Youtube (thanks Sherrie C.) and thought you all might enjoy it. It is a hoot!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sherman 5K

Yesterday, we had another race in Sherman. Most of the Spartans were there and running.
It was a SEA of GREEN!!
Some of the girls before the race.
A few of the boys.
The junior varsity team.
Starting to run -- everywhere we looked, we saw lots of green shirts.
Way to go, Zack! He came in third overall with a very fast time.
Danielle was the first female with a blistering pace of 20:02 and Julie was right on her heels with a time of 20:07. I know that was Julie's fastest time and I think it was Danielle's also. They had a goal of under 20 minutes and they almost got it. Way to go, girls!!!
Alec had a good time also; I am not sure of his exact time yet, but it was somewhere in the 27 minute mark.
Kirsten set her 2nd fastest ever time -- 28:54!! We are proud of her determination.
What a big group of runners! Coach Heather had really inspired a hodge podge group of kids into a REAL TEAM! They all really inspire each other to do better every time they run.
My sister said of our kids, "It is such a shame that our kids don't have any socialization!" That is one of most people's complaints about homeschooled kids. Our children have no trouble socializing or using communication skills. As a matter of fact, we have trouble getting the girls to stop talking.