Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas with Mitch's Family

The day after Christmas, we drove to Middleton, TN, to spend time with Mitch's family.
Alec enjoyed opening up his gifts from everybody.
Kirsten loved all her gifts.
A picture of Mitch's brother and two of his sisters.
His sister-in-law Lisa pets Oddball.

Christmas with my Mom

We had a couple of unhappy kids for this picture of the grandkids with my Mom. We took several shots, but didn't have a good one in the bunch.
I was happy with my family's picture.
Alec gets excited by this Lego set that he opened from Nonie.
Kirsten picked out Legos also.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is my favorite thing about the Christmas season. Waking early is not one of my favorite things, however. But, I remember being a kid and being so excited that I couldn't even sleep. So, I have pity on my children and let them wake us up at 4:30 to open presents.
We overdid the presents again this year (as I always do), but we had a great time.
Alec was thrilled with his MSU cowbell!!
Kirsten took one look at Alec's bell and looked for another package the same size and opened her cowbell and was just as excited.
More MSU gear, now we are ready for the Gator Bowl!
Kirsten looks pretty in her new coat. Unfortunately, it was a little tight in the sleeves, so we will be returning this one.
Alec loves Christmas morning.
A cool video spy watch!!
Alec loves NERF and asked for some nerf gear for Christmas.
Kirsten loves Christmas morning!!
Alec poses with his loot.
Kirsten holds some of her stuff also.

Ornament Traditions

I have a special aunt and uncle, Susan and Bruce, that send the kids ornaments every year.
This year, they sent Dutch ornaments. The kids loved them.
All the ornaments were Dutch blue.
The kids show off their neat ornaments.

Christmas in Cotton Plant

We made our annual trip to Cotton Plant to see the awesome Christmas display.
Alec poses with the GRINCH!!
The kids love all the blow up decorations.
Sometimes the kids get tired of posing for pictures.
Sometimes they love to pose -- Pictures with Bully!!
Boo on Colonel Reb!! (we actually wish that Colonel Reb was back at Ole Miss, but we don't actually like Ole Miss!)
Being silly!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Tree and Gingerbread House

I love having a real, decorated tree every year for Christmas.
Kirsten worked really hard on this gingerbread house.
Notice the detail on the roof. She did much better than I could have done.
Alec decorated the bottom half of the house and did a really great job also.
They are proud of their house.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

On Saturday afternoon, we took the kids to watch The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This is the third installment of the Narnia series. It was awesome. I have not read the book since I was a lot younger and I don't remember anything about it, but the movie was very entertaining.
Alec, Parker, Jackson, and Kirsten are excited to watch the movie.
The movie is about to start. YAY!!!
Alec is excited also!!
Another picture after the movie is over. What a great movie!!

Decorating Cookies at the Coffee Addict

On Saturday, we were invited to spend the morning at the Coffee Addict with the Spartan girls and their moms. We all got to drink coffee, hot chocolate, or smoothies and then the girls had a great time decorating Christmas cookies.
These two are so crazy -- they have been talking awhile about being mind links, so one of them crocheted this mind link for them to wear. The shirts were not really planned either, thus proving the true mind link that they have.
Drinking coffee and visiting.
Kirsten works hard on her cookies.
She made this very colorful Christmas tree.
I also like this snowman that she made.

Spartan Skating and Ornament Exchange

Last Thursday, we attended a party for all Spartans and their families. It was great fun. The kids don't need to have a reason to get together, they just love to be together. We all met at the Skate Zone so the kids could skate and then exchange ornaments as well as other gifts.
Kirsten with some of her friends.
Alec was so excited to see everyone again.
More friends!!!
Kirsten leads the skate train. What fun!!
Some of the girls waiting their turn to pick an ornament.
Kirsten opens her ornament.
Next, the boys had to wait their turn.
Kirsten models the hat that Olivia made for her. These girls are so talented and can make almost anything with yarn.