Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kirsten Gets Feathers!

Redneck Waterslide at the Hatfield's House

On Memorial Day, we were invited to the Hatfield's house for a cookout and some fun on a "Redneck" water slide. This slide was a 30 x 60 tarp that went down a hill and into a pond. Brooks learned to "fly" off the ramp.
The kids patiently waited their turns.
Kirsten learned how to slide to make sure she made it all the way to the pond.
Carson had so much fun on the slide.
"Swamp Man" Mark!!
Blake hit the water in the pond so fast every time.
Alec finally slid far enough to make it into the pond.
Michael and Blake slid two at a time.
This time did not fare so well.

Seth Turns FIVE!

On Seth's birthday, Keith wanted everybody to see his ride his NEW bike. He was so excited about his new, big bike. He has learned to ride this summer and quickly advanced to a bigger bike. My sister Kathy made this yummy chocolate cake with yummy M & M candies.
The birthday boy!
Nonie with some of her grandchildren.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Koon's Care 5K/10K Race

This race was a combination of a 5K and a 10K race. It was run in Ripley and about 80 people total ran this race. Kirsten chose to run the 5K and Alec wanted to run the 10K. Kirsten ran well on this very hot, hilly course and finished 2nd female overall and 1st in her age group -- way to go, Kirsten!
Alec finished 26th overall in the 10K (male and female) and won 1st place in his age group -- proud of his determination to finish a hard run and with blisters.
Preston ran the fun run for the 2nd year in a row.
He got a race t-shirt and a medal!
Visiting with family and friends while awaiting the awards. My good friends from Texas, Pam and Joe, spent the weekend with us and she came to the race to watch the kids run. It has been about 4 years since we have seen them and it was great to catch up.
Alec proudly displays his 1st place trophy!
Kirsten is proud of her 2nd female overall trophy.
Brandon, Claire, Kirsten, and Alec all received trophies at this race.

Gumtree 10K Race

The kids begged to be able to run the Gumtree 10K the week after the Coca-Cola 10K, so we decided to let them run. The weather was much hotter and the kids did not run this one as fast as the week before, but they were both glad they ran it. This race had over 700 runners competing. Alec runs for the finish line!
Kirsten is happy to be done!

Kirsten's First Piano Recital

Kirsten performed her pieces very well for her piano recital held on May 14. My mother's students all came to her house for a very entertaining recital.
Kirsten played a piece from LORD OF THE RINGS, and there were words and these girls volunteered to sing the vocal parts. The highlight of Kirsten's day was meeting Mr. Bryan Davis, one of her favorite authors. His daughters take piano lessons from my mother and he came to the recital. His books include the Dragons in Our Midst series, Oracles of Fire series, and Dragons of Starlight series.
Alec also enjoys his books.

Coca-Cola 10K 2011

On May 7, 2011, our family traveled to Corinth, MS to participate in the Coca-Cola 10K. The day was cool at the start, but quickly warmed up. There were over 1200 participants and it was a fun race.
The kids and I before the big race began. Alec finishes the race with a lightning fast speed of 53:12!!
Kirsten finished with good time of 1:06:30!
And I just finished -- every step of every mile, but did not enjoy it at all.
Alec got in this Coca-Cola truck for a picture while waiting for the awards.
Kirsten had a turn in the truck also.