Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pool Party

To complete a very busy day, we went to a pool party with the people from my work,
I am so glad that today is over. We had a marvelous time at the two races and the two parties, but I think it is time for bed. The kids are tired after running hard, eating lots, playing hard and swimming hard.

Party with the Spartans

After the races, we had a get together at one of the Spartans' house. We had an awesome time of fellowship and food. Our team is so amazing and all of our families get along so well with each other. It is a special bond that we have all formed with each other, and this day was a good one.
The kids receive instructions on how the food line would work. We fed somewhere between 115 and 125 people.
Playing capture the flag is a favorite game for the runners.
The prisoners are locked up in this old barn.
Alec's team is on the lookout for the other team.
Kirsten is up in the second story of the barn.
Now she climbs a tree.
Alec looks for spies.

Race for the Unborn 5K

Also, this morning, Kirsten ran with most of the Spartans -- the Race for the Unborn. This race was put together at the last minute to raise money for the Personhood Amendment cause.
Mr. Steve speaks to a TV crew about the Personhood Amendment and the 5K race.
Claire, Hannah, and Kirsten before the race. Coach Heather does an amazing job every week coaching our kids to run their best. She also went the extra mile to put this race together. We are so thankful for her dedication to our team, to the running community, and to the unborn who cannot speak for themselves.
The start of the race.
Kirsten runs a very good 5K (this course is a difficult one) and finished in 28:20, I think.

Race for the Cure 5K

This morning, Alec ran the Race for the Cure 5K. He ran in honor of Pam G. from Texas, who is a cancer survivor and a dear friend of ours.
He got to the first mile mark in a fast time.
Here he is coming in to the finish line. He had hoped to finish in around 24 minutes. He did not quite make it that fast, however.
His official finish time was 26:24, which was good enough for 1st place in his age division.
This crazy colored poodle was present at the race.
This is Alec receiving his trophy.
All of the Spartans who raced stood together for a group shot.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Coach gives last minute instructions for their short run before the shaving cream war.
The kids were so excited to get their practice out of the way so the real fun could begin.
Olivia is silly.
At the beginning of the shaving cream war, the kids played freeze tag and no one got too covered in shaving cream...yet.
This is their favorite practice all year.
So many targets, so little shaving cream.
Running has never been so much fun.
Almost time for the free-for-all.
Coach Heather is such a good sport. She always gets in the middle of the action.
She loves to tag "her kids" and all 62 of "her kids" love to tag her.
Now they are getting messy.
Getting Forrest is a Spartan tradition.
Catherine and Becky are having fun.
Time for a group photo.
Jonathan has the tallest mohawk this year.
Does anyone recognize these kids?
Varsity boys.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun at Veterans' Park in Tupelo

Before the start of our annual shaving cream war, we had some play time at Veterans' Park.
Kirsten loves to play on playgrounds, especially with Martha and Margaret.
Monkeys on the monkey bars. One of the few pictures of Margaret -- she won't allow many pictures to be taken of her.
Kirsten slides down the curvy slide.
Martha catches a quick "cat nap" before practice.
Kirsten and Martha high on the bars.
Silly Martha.
Molly - the true monkey - is always climbing on something.
Claire spent most of her free time swinging on the swings.
Lots of energy - lots of kids.
Alec loves to swing.