Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Countdown Has Begun!

This is my next to last weekend before school starts. We are going to be very busy next week participating in a Spartan running camp. Alec and I will leave tomorrow to check in by 6:00 and then he will stay until Wednesday after lunch, when Kirsten starts her half of the week. It is looking to be a very hot week and this camp does not have air, except for in the dining area. I am so not looking forward to that, but the kids are so excited to be with their friends. I am sure that the coach will keep them very busy and they will be exhausted by the time their half is over. Kirsten and I will come home on Saturday after the camp is cleaned up. I am hoping that this week speeds by, but I am afraid that the nights will be so dreadful (I can't sleep when I am hot) that it will be never-ending. I, however, plan on taking my big girl pill and toughing it out. Yes, that's how much I love my kids. After camp is over, I will work on Monday and then we start school on Tuesday. I cannot believe that the summer is over already (I just wish the weather knew that, HA HA!) I am trying to get excited about the school year, but I am so not there yet. The kids are not ready either, but I think that once we get started that we will all find some enjoyment in it. Kirsten is starting 7th grade and Alec is starting 5th grade. Can't believe that my babies are that old already. After this year, Kirsten will only have 5 more years of school -- UNBELIEVABLE! She loves to tell me that she is almost a teenager -- SCARY!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun at the Water Park

This morning we drove to Red Bay, Alabama, for a picnic and some fun at the small water park. This water park is owned by the city of Red Bay and is very inexpensive for family fun. There are only two slides, but they are loaded with fun. It was not crowded and they also have other pools to swim in. We had a great day!
This is a picture of both of the slides.
Alec goes down the "scary" straight down slide. I rode it twice but didn't care for it too much.
Kirsten rode the scary slide once, but much preferred the speed and longer slide of the "curvy" slide. I rode this one multiple times and had a blast.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alec's South Carolina Trip

Alec had a great week in South Carolina with Steven and his parents. He arrived home this afternoon and we were happy to see him.
Alec and Steven enjoy their breakfast and some candy on the way to South Carolina.
Alec loved this chocolate shake that he got on the way to the beach on Sunday night.
They brought a few toys to enjoy at the beach house. They played so well the entire week and did not fight or quarrel one time.
Alec gets ready to ride the waves on his boogie board.
Riding the waves with Steven.
Steven, Alec, Sherrie, and Stevie riding the "Sea Thunder" to see the dolphins swimming.
Sitting in the captain's chair.
Look closely to see the dolphins swimming in the ocean.
The boys got pretty wet from the spray from the boat.
Alec talks to the captain of the boat. The captain had asked for people with unusual talents to come forward. Alec went forward and showed how he could touch his nose with his tongue. I did not know that this was a talent and I am sure that some people just rolled their eyes at this redneck from Mississippi.
Playing in the sand.
Alec plays skeeball at a pizza joint.
This is a great picture of the boys.
The boys stopped at a bookstore and they each bought a book. Alec bought a Lego Star Wars dictionary and Steven bought a Star Wars the Clone Wars book.
This is the floor at Steven's grandparents house while the boys were playing.
This water fountain is at the entrance of the NASCAR Hall of Fame Museum that just opened a couple of months ago.
Alec in front of Dale Earnhardt's famous black #3 Chevrolet.
This picture shows the banking at Talladaga Speedway. Sherrie was standing on the flat ground taking this picture. The racetrack really is banked this steeply in the corners.
Alec and Steven tried to stand on the banking and had to hold onto the bars to stand up.
They really got to announce a race and it was broadcast throughout the museum. Sherrie and Stevie said that they did a great job.
I love this picture.
This was a section called a Memory Wall. People are supposed to write memories about Dale Earnhardt and drop them in the slot. They are then posted on a big wall. Alec wrote that Dale Sr. was a good driver and that he wished that he could see him race again.
This section was a pit crew challenge section. Each participant got to jack up the car, change a tire, and fuel the car. This is Alec's turn to jack up the car.
This is Alec changing a tire.
And finally fueling the car.
Each person was timed for all the sections and then their collective time was displayed on this screen. Alec had a fast time of 40.96 seconds. Way to go, Alec!
Alec drives this simulator - in Tony Stewart's #14 car. Sherrie said that both boys did better than most of the other people who drove these simulators.
They stopped at the Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch at the museum.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swimming the Summer Away

One day last week and several hours today were spent at a special lady from church's house. She graciously allows us to come swim and jump off her diving board. We usually bring a picnic lunch and stay for awhile.
Alec is looking at the bottom of the pool hunting his "toypedo," a water toy that is so cool.
Claire spent a lot of time trying to get on top of this football pool toy. She finally accomplished the task and floated for awhile.
Kirsten is learning some new tricks to do off the diving board.
Brandon decided to put all the pool floats on himself for a laugh.
Parker decided to follow in his footsteps with the floaties.
Silly, silly boys.
Tyler swims around with his brother in the boat.
Alec follows in his cousins footsteps and puts on multiple floats and jumps off the diving board.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Toy Story 3

Went to see Toy Story 3 today -- it was AWESOME! Not better than the first two but very entertaining. We laughed many times throughout the movie.

Happy 4th of July!

These are some of the pictures that I took last night at Ripley's 4th of July celebration. It was a lot shorter this year than last year, but still awesome and worth attending. I must admit that I was thinking more about how much it was costing the city than the beauty of the fireworks themselves. Happy 4th to all!! I love AMERICA!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Star Spangled Celebration 5K Run in Ripley

What a way to start off the 4th weekend of celebration!!
The awesome American flag graced the finish line.
Kirsten is excited for the race to start. Alec is always a little goofy at the beginning of a race.
And they're off!
Alec runs for the finish line.
Kirsten comes in to the finish line.
Alec and Brandon are joined by Jackson and Parker.
Martha won the overall female trophy .
Alec won first place in his age group and received these fireworks.
Kirsten won second in her age group, but I did not get a picture with her prize.