Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trip to Red Robin and Memphis Zoo

This past Tuesday, Mitch and I took the kids to Memphis to eat at Red Robin and to visit the zoo. I have been wanting to eat at Red Robin for a while now. I love hamburgers and have enjoyed seeing the commercials and my mouth has been watering to taste these delicious burgers.
Kirsten and Alec enjoyed their soft drinks while waiting on our appetizers. Mitch ordered a chili/nacho appetizer and the kids and I ate the marvelous mozzarella sticks.
Alec wasted no time chomping down on his amazing burger.
Kirsten enjoyed her "clucks and fries" (aka chicken strips and fries).
Alec and Kirsten love the zoo a little more than I do, and that is a lot. Mitch graciously decided to accompany us on this excursion, even though he does not enjoy the zoo very much.
This snake was part of the Halloween decor that was very visible all around the zoo. Kirsten "staged" this picture, and I must admit that it turned out very well.
This family of monkeys was so much fun to watch. The big monkey on the right is the mama of the one on the left and also the small orange-headed one in her lap. The interaction between these monkeys was astounding. We also enjoyed it when another monkey climbed the pole and try to "irritate" the mother and she just started swatting at him with her free arm.
Alec has always been partial to the Komodo dragons and we enjoyed being able to see them up close. The trainers were there for their weekly feeding and they were telling us how fast they are and how well they climb (even over the zoo access doors).
At first, these dragons barely moved and almost looked like statues, and we just thought that it was because they are cold blooded reptiles and they were cold. But, these marvelous creatures became really excited when the trainers got close. I don't know if they smelled their food or saw the maroon shirts that the zoo keepers wore, but they were almost dancing in excitement.
This hippo was fun to watch. I had already been watching for several minutes and one hippo was under water (for a long time) and this one was standing at the edge of the water just resting. I don't know if it saw my camera and decided to "smile" or if it was irritated at me for standing so long just watching. Either way, I am glad that I was patient and got this shot.
This tiger is truly magnificent. He didn't move the whole time that we were watching, but he is still a beautiful creature.
Alec and Kirsten pose in front of the tiger pen.
The snow leopard is so unique.
The cheetah is one of my favorite creatures of all time. I told the kids that cheetahs are cats with ADHD, because they are in constant motion, never sitting, never standing.
This makes a great fall picture.
I love this picture of this fish in its habitat.
Alec and Kirsten stand on a pretty red bridge in the China section.
I love polar bears. This bear just sat and posed on this rock.
A bald eagle always makes me well up with national pride.
The kids got tired of me taking their picture, but they still complied with my wishes.
I love this sign in the newest section of the zoo. This houses the wolves and grizzly bears.
The bears were so cute. The zoo has three half grown cubs and they were playing and interacting for us.
My family is being silly while watching the bears.

Spartan End of the Year Party

After Race for the Cure, the Spartans got together at the Saltillo Park for an end of the year party. We ordered pizzas and let the kids play together.
Some of the girls talk to Mrs. Heather and get ready to eat PIZZA!
After supper, several of the kids played football. Most of these kids ran a fast 5K in the morning, but didn't look tired at all.
These girls did not want to play football and decided to play tag instead.
The team all gathered together for speeches from the coaches and team awards.
Alec receives his award.
Kirsten receives her award.
Forrest and Cale open presents and read poems as senior Spartans.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Race for the Cure 5K

On October 23, we drove to Tupelo so that the kids could run the Race for the Cure 5K. This race is on a very flat course and many people run their PR. Kirsten and Alec were very excited about running this race.
It is always a very well attended race and you have to move fast to break out to the front.
Alec races Eryn all the way into the finish line. He passed her at the last second as she slowed up thinking she had already finished.
Kirsten had a very good last sprint into the finish and ran her best time since breaking her arm in March.
Some of the Spartan boys got together for a group picture while awaiting the awards.
Kirsten always has fun with her friends.
Several Spartans and some of the parents won trophies. It was a GREAT RACE on a beautiful day!

Shaving Cream War

For the last day of cross country practice, we all gathered at Veterans' Park in Tupelo.
Claire, Kirsten, and Alec on the monkey bars.
After running for 30 minutes, the kids all sat down to get their instructions about the Shaving Cream War.
Catherine has a unique way of holding her shaving cream can.
The kids started off by playing tag with shaving cream, but it quickly went into a free-for-all.
This is one of the things that the kids look forward to doing all year.
Getting Ms. Heather is another favorite for the kids.
Silly boys
Group shot.

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Last week, some friends and I took our kids to the pumpkin patch in Blue Mountain. I have taken my children every year (except one) since they have been born. I keep thinking that they are outgrowing this experience, but so far, they still want to go.
I took this picture of this beautiful pumpkin while out at the patch.
My children are so used to posing for pictures, that they can drop into position, with a smile on their face, at my command. I cannot believe how grownup Kirsten looks in this picture.
This old pickup makes a cute backdrop for photos.
Alec was having a somewhat difficult day on this day and didn't cooperate quite as much as I would have liked for him to do.
Running together to be the first one to ride the trikes at "Haytona Speedway."
Just swingin' on the swing.
We had all the kids pose together for this photo.
Alec picked out his own shirt for this outing. I wish that I had made him change now that I got some good pictures otherwise.
Riding in the wagon to the patch.
Alec picked out a great pumpkin to bring home.
Kirsten took a little longer to make her final decision.