Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, AnnaBeth!

Kirsten had a GREAT time at Anna Beth's skating 50's party. Hannah, Kirsten, Martha
Standing in the malted shake line.
The bouffant ladies -- Amy and Yonea!
Skating a train!
Awesom likeness, Amy!
Sweet Sixteen, Anna Beth!
Sweet picture!
The whole group -- that's a lot of poodle skirts.
Yonea and her girls.
Hannah and Anna Beth
Katie and Anna Beth

Camp Moriah 2011

The third week of June always finds us at Camp Moriah. We have a fabulous time and Alec loves to paint t-shirts on T-shirt Day (Thursday). This is his masterpiece!
The see-saws are always a "happening place."
The canoes are ALWAYS in use!
Volleyball is ALWAYS being played by someone.
Bible Study happens everyday.
The kids always learn so much during the week.
Bro. Kevin teaches the little kids and they just LOVE him.
They end each session with a group hug.
Alec has a GREAT week.
Even I get in on the action of volleyball. This sport has long been one of my favorites and I would love to play throughout the year and not just during camp week.
Phoebe, Martha, and Savannah
Kirsten ready for Evening Worship.
Alec ready for Evening Worship.
The boys groups usually do a skit on Thursday and this is Alec's group.
Kirsten's group sang a song and acted out a skit.
Alec played in a basketball tournament and decided that he wants to play basketball instead of running. However, he doesn't make the decisions in our family, and he WILL be running this fall.