Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Update

We have been pretty busy this month. We are trying to finish school in the month of March. At my job, two girls will be going on maternity leave very soon, so I have the possibility of working extra hours. The kids have really buckled down and are doing a good job at their schoolwork. We have been doing "double days" for a month now and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do not recommend this as a regular school day, however, it is only for this semester and we will be done. I do not plan to let them be idle until July. I am looking at writing and history books that will interest them and that they can accomplish something every day while I am working extra hours. We will be done with all of our "official" school work hopefully in the next two or three weeks.
We have been doing a little extra housecleaning as well -- spring cleaning!! The weather has been so pretty the last two weeks and we have opened the windows and turned up the stereo and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. We had company this past weekend, so I did have a goal in mind while cleaning. Since we don't have company coming this week, I have let a few things go, but I hope to get them caught back up on Saturday.
Cross-country practice is getting ready to start back up and the kids and I have been trying to follow their schedule of running and workouts. I was trying to exercise every day, but have had a little trouble with my back and have not been as faithful as I had been before. All three of us want to run the Coca-Cola 10K race in Corinth on May 7 so we have a lot of miles to put in between now and then.